Cassocks and Surplices

The Cassock and Surplice is a common combination of clergy apparel, but not always worn at the same time.

The Cassock is a simple lightweight robe worn by clerics in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, East Orthodox and Lutheren Church, and depending on the denomination can be tight or loose fitting, with or without a cincture (or fascia) and commonly black in color. Cassocks and Clerical Suits serve the same function. It comes from the Latin word "vestis talaris".

The Surplice is a lightweight, white fine linen or cotton loose garment worn by clergy. It usually has intricate lace trim and is always worn over a cassock, but shorter in length. It comes from the Latin word "superpelliceum". Cassocks and Surplices are sometimes substituted for Choir Robes.


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